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    Waste separation should encourage innovation

    PostTime:2019-11-29 05:11 Views:154

    A team of university students at hefei university of technology in east China's anhui province has invented a household intelligent garbage bin that can quickly sort different kinds of garbage by voice. For example, just saying "mineral water bottle" will automatically enter the recyclable waste. The invention won first prize in the 2019 brics young maker competition.

    At present, the garbage classification system is accelerating in China, and the atmosphere of everyone participating and doing is increasingly strong. At the same time, more and more new ways of garbage classification, good methods emerge in endlessly, online and offline caused widespread concern. One example is the intelligent sorting bin, a novel and more practical idea that USES speech recognition technology to sort rubbish. In addition, in the process of implementing garbage classification in many places, higher requirements are put forward for intelligence, scientific and precision. For example, the dufu community in yuexiu district, guangzhou, has set up the first time-lapse intelligent garbage bin in the whole district, so that even if the citizens drop the garbage by mistake, the smell will not affect the environment. There are also equipment such as kitchen waste processor, intelligent garbage recycling cabinet, also began to enter the garbage classification application scene.

    In the final analysis, garbage classification is a process that everyone participates in. Such participation is not only the cultivation of consciousness and habits, but also a process of pooling wisdom and cohesion. Some ideas, some inventions, some publicity, some busy promotion... When people from all walks of life and all fields work together to make efforts for this cause and practice consciously, garbage classification work will certainly achieve good results. To achieve green and sustainable development, we must, in the final analysis, rely on the concerted efforts of all members of society