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    Is coming! A new regulation on waste classification in Beijing has been introduced

    PostTime:2019-11-29 05:11 Views:139

    The 16th session of the standing committee of the 15th Beijing municipal people's congress (NPC) passed the decision of the standing committee of the Beijing municipal people's congress (NPC) on Monday to amend the regulation on the management of municipal household waste (>), xinhua reported on Nov. 28. Beijing will introduce compulsory classification of household waste from May 1, 2020, and fines will be imposed if waste is not classified according to regulations.

    It is understood that the revised regulations clearly defined the production of domestic garbage units and individuals for the domestic garbage classification of the main responsibility. Household waste shall be classified into collection containers with corresponding marks according to the categories of kitchen waste, recyclables, hazardous waste and other garbage. At the same time, for individuals who do not put garbage in accordance with the classification requirements, following the principle of combining punishment and education, set the first dissuade and then written warning, again in violation of the provisions, the comprehensive law enforcement department of the city management imposed a fine of more than 50 yuan and less than 200 yuan. Meanwhile, no administrative penalty shall be imposed on those who voluntarily participate in community service activities such as household garbage classification.

    An old Beijing cartoon poster promoting garbage classification contrasts with a garbage sorting bucket in nanluogu lane, Beijing, Oct. 31, 2018. Picture! Visual China

    The disposal of domestic garbage is a basic public welfare undertaking related to people's livelihood. It is the common responsibility of the whole society to strengthen the management of domestic garbage, safeguard the public environment and save resources. According to the revised regulations, sub-district offices and township people's governments shall be responsible for the daily management of household garbage within their respective jurisdictions, guide residents' and villagers' committees to organize and mobilize units and individuals within their respective jurisdictions to participate in the reduction of household garbage, and perform the duty of household garbage classification in accordance with the law. The people's governments of Beijing at all levels shall establish and improve a comprehensive assessment system for the management of household waste and include it in the assessment indicators of the government.

    In addition, since 2017, 134 central government agencies, 650 second-level units, 118 municipal and 1,660 district-level party and government agencies have carried out compulsory garbage classification in Beijing.