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    Garbage classification and disposal to do enough "fine" work

    PostTime:2019-11-29 05:11 Views:171

    According to the economic information daily, a reporter recently found in an interview that many streets, residential areas and campuses are equipped with colorful garbage bins, but the people work hard to separate the garbage, but was indiscriminately dumped into the same garbage truck. Due to the lack of the whole process, full chain classification, garbage classification in a mere form, the actual effect is discounted.

    As for some city garbage classification pilot results are not satisfactory, netizen "qi" said, many people have only a general concept of garbage classification, the specific household garbage should be divided, how to deal with the classification is not clear. At the same time, the habit of mixed garbage is difficult to change in a short period of time, if there is no strict supervision, many people often simply pack together and throw away.

    "Sometimes we go to great trouble to separate the garbage into the designated trash can, but when the garbage truck comes, it's just dumped all together. It feels like there's no difference." "Many regions do not have the ability to separate garbage in the later stage," said one netizen.

    "Liu jianguo", a netizen, said that the classification of domestic waste involves the change of people's living habits, and tests the level of fine management in urban and rural areas, which needs a long-term process. We must be patient to solve the problem of garbage classification and gradually guide and promote it. Netizen "lu xiulu" suggested that the front end and back end should be caught together to promote garbage classification. The front end should make clear the responsibility through legislation to meet everyone's responsibility, and the back end should build a complete classification processing facility as soon as possible. Every link should not be relaxed. "From the former end classification to the middle end classification transportation, and the back end classification processing, forming a complete chain."

    In addition to improving the system design and establishing and improving relevant norms, some netizens suggested that the corresponding incentive and punishment mechanism for garbage classification should be established to intensify the punishment for littering.

    Netizen "Guo Lishuang" proposed that can guide social forces to participate in garbage classification management, through the cooperation with the depth of the social capital, using the Internet, big data, such as the Internet of things technology, advancing the garbage sorting of fine management to the Internet, life garbage sanitation pickup system, closely with renewable resources recycling system, improve the garbage classification management functions.